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Managing Turf During A Pandemic

Managing a golf course in a pandemic can be stressful, but there are various ways golf courses are improving their practices to ensure their customers’ safety. In addition to making courses as safe as they can be, it is more important than ever for courses to have top notch quality. People have many choices when it comes to where to golf, and in such strange times, the choices golfers make affect the golf industry as a whole.

Making your course safe and the best it can be in general can help business. As a golf course bounces back from the influence of the pandemic, the hope is that more golfers will come to that particular course. Turf quality contributes to a golfer’s overall experience.

Let us help improve the efficiency and quality of your greens. At GroundWorx, we hope to partner with courses in their journey to improve their turf. Sign up for your trial today!

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May 14, 2020 – San Diego, CA - GroundWorx™ is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Diego Borrego to our executive team as Chief Technology Officer. As GroundWorx moves into its final phase of pre-launch activities and begins the ramp up process for final production and sales, Mr. Borrego will be instrumental in solidifying the GroundWorx GX-1 technology platform. Borrego is a business and technology leader talented in envisioning and executing technical and operational strategies that result in strong bottom-line results for technology companies. A seasoned executive with 20 years of management experience building and shaping lean organizations and productive development teams to create and invigorate high tech companies. A visionary technology strategist focused on creating value through the design and robust implementation of business plans, organizational structures, and operational plans. Borrego is a growth-driving executive skilled in uncovering market opportunities that lead to sustained growth in sales.

Brad David, founder of the company is excited to welcome Borrego to the executive team. His experience in technology and manufacturing will be a complimentary support to David’s background in wireless technology and the expertise of the remaining team members. With Borrego’s understanding of product development and manufacturing, the final phase of development and the implementation of the GroundWorx product and service will be well supported.

Mr. David commented: “With Diego onboard, there is nothing we can’t accomplish with this service and we are incredibly happy to have him as part of the management team. His years of experience in wireless technology, manufacturing and product development will be invaluable to us as an organization.”

Borrego commented: “In my years as a technologist, I have never seen the pent-up demand for a product that will not only help businesses but also impact the environment in a positive way. We are already planning follow-on products to make golf courses Superintendents and commercial landscapers lives easier. The sales channel that has been built out; pre-launch is extremely developed which will allow us to scale to meet demand.”

The GroundWorx team looks forward to the fourth quarter of 2020 as this exciting product is brought to market.

About GroundWorx™ - GroundWorx is an IoT Wireless innovations and water conservation company that has invented a revolutionary PaaS solution (GX-1 Platform™) that manages golf course and commercial property fresh/reclaimed water consumption and provides critical soil and micro weather information using proprietary hardware, machine learning software, cloud storage, and predictive analytics. The combination of vital data used to optimize soil and turf treatments along with our flexible service pricing and multiple service packages are unique within the turfgrass industry. (

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Contact: Brad David +1 (425) 283 -7600

About GroundWorx® - Ground & Weather Intelligence

GroundWorx is a Washington based wireless IoT hardware and software company with sales and service offices in Seattle, San Diego, Austin, and Wellington (NZ) that is developing the combination of patent pending, stand-alone, mobile wireless soil and turf sensors and cloud software, replacing the current antiquated handheld manual sampling processes, cumbersome line-of-site sensor solutions and single-read spot check devices being used today, in turn enabling Greenskeepers and Superintendents to make more informed decisions about their courses and expenses.

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