The GroundWorx mission is to help golf courses achieve operational efficiency

GroundWorx is a Ground & Weather Intelligence Platform as a Service (PaaS) that monitors and alerts on vital soil & weather readings. This service includes a patent pending, stand-alone mobile wireless soil & turf sensor and robust & secure cloud software dashboard & apps utilizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Deployed along with the GroundWorx GX-1 Platform® micro weather station, this virtually invisible solution gives golf course General Managers and Superintendents a holistic view of golf course soil and weather data points, allowing for better course management, a uniform playing surface and the ability to protect their courses from certain funguses and potential disease outbreaks.

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Simple to install, no course disruption of play that impact rounds or decrease course revenues!

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Introducing the GX-1A

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Our GX-1 Platform® Hardware Features

Invisible Deployment

GroundWorx GX-1A wireless soil sensors are placed underground in greens and tees boxes and at ground level in fairways. Undetectable to golfers on the course, our in-ground GX-1 Platform™ provides vital micro weather, soil and turf data needed to keep golf courses healthy and green.

Reliable Connectivity

Our wireless antennas provide a strong signal and we support multiple wireless carriers for fail-over and failsafe redundancies.

Power Efficient Sensors

With our ultra-low power GX-1 PCB board design, our proprietary battery packs provide years of power and are warrantied for the life of our service.

Secure Data

The GroundWorx® service is available on all your devices utilizing our encrypted & redundant cloud data services.

Flexible Placement & Spot Sampling

Place in fairways, greens, tee boxes, rough, landscape beds and common areas. There is no limitation to where sensors can be placed using our "Always-on Connectivity". Along with our GX-1H spot sampling device, we have your course covered.

Adjustable Depths

Adjustable sensor depth for your region's optimal underground soil and turf measurements.

Standalone Sensors

With no line-of-sight or multiple component requirements, our state-of-the-art wireless sensors operate autonomously.

Packages & Warranty

Available in a large range of service packages with monthly or annualized terms, our hardware is warrantied against failure or defect for life.

Our GX-1 Platform Software Features (

Rich Graphical Layouts

A robust and secure, full stack - cloud-based solution with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows for customizable dashboard viewing of micro weather and soil data points.

Cloud Storage, Machine Learning & AI

All data is transmitted to the Cloud and securely stored for historical comparisons, deep data mining using machine learning, AI and predictive analytics.

PinPoint GPS

With highly acurate GPS technology (+/- 10cm) and chip-sets, all course sensors are mapped and displayed on a rich Google maps interface.

Private Social Network

Superintendents can discuss best practices for golf course treatments and applications with other worldwide golf courses.

All Mobile Devices & PCs

Available across all mobile devices including PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Along with our Handheld Spot Check device which is integrated into all data sets.

Big Data

Leverage real-time and historical data to review trends to make informed decisions on your watering practices and treatments for your golf course to deliver a golf course essential, a Uniform Playable Surface.

Full Suite of Data & Communications

Get scheduled or on-demand reports, custom alerts, task management notes, and communicate on-course with your team via our mobile app.

Integrated Micro Weather Station Data

Accurate weather station data with the GroundWorx® GX-1 micro weather station, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Check out our FAQ page for more details should you have any questions.

Service Packages

GroundWorx offers a convenient 18 sensor starter package for golf courses or commercial properties installed in a day! Our featured packages listed below include our GroundWorx GX-1 Platform® micro weather station. With our Special Introductory Pricing, all activation fees and applicable deposits are waived.

For a reasonable and budget-friendly monthly payment, golf courses and commercial properties can immediately begin monitoring their micro-weather, soil & turf conditions and do away with cumbersome line-of-sight systems and manual soil sampling practices. With a simple installation process using a 6" hole cutter, sensors can be placed in greens, fairways, tee boxes, and common areas of the course. Flexible sensor placement, both macro and micro weather data along with machine learning and AI makes GroundWorx™ a "whole course" solution.

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About GroundWorx® - Ground & Weather Intelligence

GroundWorx is a Washington state based wireless IoT hardware & software water conservation company with sales and service offices in San Diego, Seattle, Austin, and Wellington (NZ) that has developed the combination of a patent pending, stand-alone, mobile wireless soil and turf sensor, weather station, cloud software, and mobile app replacing the current antiquated handheld manual sampling processes, cumbersome line-of-site sensor solutions and single-read spot check devices being used today, in turn enabling Greenskeepers and Superintendents to make more informed decisions about their courses and operational expenses.